Adobe Kuler Tool: Technology for Windows

Adobe Kuler allows you to create a color tone with pens and import a photo with a predefined color scheme into your application, after which it produces the desired tint. This is a great solution for anyone who studies color, selects the tint for their photos, but does not know how and what looks better. After importing and creating a color scheme, it can be imported into Illustrator, Photoshop, sent by mail and sent to the Cooler website.

Features and benefits

Here are some of the features of Adobe Kuler:

Experiment and play with color

Select and customize color themes using the color wheel;

  • A color editor using RGB color sliders;
  • Six preset color rules in the color wheel, such as monochromatic and complimentary.
  • Set a primary color to quickly identify other colors that will blend well.

The obvious advantage is the convenience of such a tool. And free.

Technology beautiful images for Windows

First, Kuler is not just a static tool. This is a whole collection of pre-made color schemes that are created and discussed in real-time by visitors to That is, the service works on the principle “one head is good, and the community is cooler.” The site has a rating of color schemes, in which you can find something ready-made if inspiration does not come.

Secondly, Kuler is compatible with many applications from Creative Suite. The export of the palette to the *.ASE format is supported, which makes it possible to load the created colors in Photoshop through the SWATCHES palette. Also, if you have an Internet connection, you can work with Cooler through the Windows Photoshop window> Extension> Kuler (Windows> Extensions> Kuler).

You can apply several filters to the created scheme: Colorful (Bright), Bright (Muted), Deep (Deep), Dark (Dark), Custom (Standard).

To take full advantage of Kuler, you will have to go through a short registration. After this, in particular, the ability to save and export schemes will become available.

Final word

Adobe Kuler is an online tool that allows you to most harmoniously select the ratio of colors in the design of the site.

The principle of the color wheel is as follows: the base color code that will be on the site is selected (or inserted), and the cooler, depending on the selected color scheme, selects the colors and shades most harmonious with this color using the best practices of leading experts in the field of color perception.

A gallery of ready-made color solutions is also available, where you can choose ready-made collections of palettes.