How to install AMD Drivers

Nowadays, it is not as difficult to install the AMD drivers yourself as it used to be. Nowadays it’s down to a minimalist approach, and the chance of something going wrong is very small. Nevertheless, in this article, we will give detailed instructions on what to do, preparation steps, and a guide to the setup procedure itself to make sure there is no chance of it going wrong.

Preparing to install AMD drivers

There are a few things you need to make sure of before you directly start the setup procedure. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will help you prevent various errors and glitches during the setup procedure and properly prepare your computer for the procedure. So, what you need to do:

-Make sure that your VGA is installed correctly, check the list below and make sure that everything is in its place:

-Your AMD graphics card must be fully installed in the PCI-E slot

-All of the power cables to your AMD VGA must be in place and not wobbly

-The card should be fully attached to your case

You will not be able to successfully install drivers if any of these items are not correct. So make sure it is physically positioned correctly, installed securely, and has power.

-Make sure the HDMI, DISPLAYPORT, or USB-C card from the monitor is connected to the VGA. Plugging a wire to the incorrect port is among the commonest causes that cause drivers not to install. Make sure the monitor is plugged into the right port on your VGA, otherwise it won’t be able to display the video on the screen.

-Clear all previous VGA drivers. This used to be the most important thing when installing AMD drivers but even today it is a great preventative measure. To completely clear old versions of drivers, you need to use the Display Driver Uninstall (DDU) application from Guru3D. With it, you are guaranteed to remove all old versions of drivers, right down to the last file, so they can’t contact the new ones.

How do I install the AMD drivers?

Once you have gone through all the above points and made sure you have done all the preparatory steps, you can proceed to the most important thing – amd driver update. To start the installation, open your browser and go to the official AMD support site. There you will see a tab that is designed to search for drivers for your CPU.

Go to the “Graphics” tab, on the right-hand side you will see which series your video card belongs to. After that, you will see another list with more specific characteristics of your model. Finally, you will be given a final field to select a specific video card model. Once you have selected the correct option, click “Submit”.

On the next page, look for your OS and click on the plus sign. After that, a section will open, there you have to choose to download the Radeon software. Installing this software will also install the driver.